Could Western Colorado witness a genuine snowfall by the end of November 2018? What are the odds we might look like this by December 1?

I remember driving home from Las Vegas four years ago. It was December 30th. I had just seen Shania Twain in concert at Caesars. On returning to Grand Junction I was greeted by snow and icy roads. Again, that was November 30.

We enjoyed a fairly legitimate winter that year. With the cold temperatures, the snow that fell on November 30 was still on the ground months later.

While I have no love for dangerous driving conditions, it would be nice to enjoy a real winter again.

According to the National Weather Service, the remainder of this week looks like this:

Grand Junction weather late November
National Weather Service

It appears as though Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday might drop a little snow on us. I'm not asking for a blizzard, just a little snow on the ground. While my skiing days are behind me (not that I was ever good) I'm certain the ski crowd would enjoy some fresh powder.

Take a peek at the video at the top. My grandpa took most of these photos long before I was born. Nevertheless, I can remember winters like these back in the 1970s. Every once in a while schools would close. Sometimes it was because buses couldn't run, others because a water line would freeze and break.

Let's enjoy a little snowfall this Thursday and Friday, shall we? Riding my bike in a t-shirt and shorts in late November doesn't exactly put me in the holiday spirit.

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