In the good ol' days, the only debate you were faced with at the checkout stand involved choosing between paper or plastic. Granted, it wasn't exactly an executive decision. It could happen Colorado shoppers will have to consider whether to pay an extra 25 cents to get a bag for their purchases.

Are you willing to pay an extra 25 cents to get a grocery bags, singular or plural, at your grocery checkout? According to News Channel 13, a couple of Colorado lawmakers plan to take on the state's housing affordability challenges by placing a tax on plastic grocery sacks.

The bill, House Bill 18-1054, sponsored by state Rep. Paul Rosenthal and state Sen. Lois Court, was introduced January 10, 2018. How will this work? Essentially it's a 25 cent tax if and when you chose to use a plastic sack at the grocery store. How much if you use one sack? Answer = 25 cents. What if you get ten bags? Answer = 25 cents. Basically, a shiny quarter will cover however many bags you utilize in a single transaction.

What are they hoping to achieve with this? First, they hope to direct money into Colorado's affordable housing programs. Secondly, they hope to keep the state clean. Hopefully the tax will encourage people to use environmentally friendly alternatives when bagging their groceries.

Personally, I see no need for any of this. I'm a bachelor. I don't need a sack of any kind to bag my four packages of Ramen noodles and box of Pop Tarts. I can carry them in my hands.

When, if passed, will this kick in? If approved, it would begin on January 1, 2019. You have that long to store up as many plastic bags as you can. The next time you head to the store, use one bag for every item you purchase.

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