The temporary closure of Interstate 70 through Glenwood Canyon is having a major impact on Coloradans in more ways than one.

Of course, anyone who has traveled the I-70 corridor in recent days is well aware of how the closure of the interstate has dramatically increased travel times across the state. Detours around Glenwood Canyon are adding nearly three hours to travel times between the front range and the western slope. However, the inconvenience of the closure isn't even the worst of it.

Our Amazing Transport System

One of the things I believe many of us take for granted is the availability of things like groceries and gas that reach us by way of those big semis we see rumbling down the highway. Personally, I don't even understand how the system works so efficiently. All I know is, every time I go to the grocery store, I find fresh bananas and lettuce. It's pretty remarkable when you stop and realized the same is true at all the grocery stores in Colorado and across the country. How does that happen?

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I-70 Closure Could Bring Higher Prices at the Grocery Store

Obviously, the interstate system is crucial to the efficient delivery of groceries, gasoline, and merchandise whether it's coming from California, or making its way to Grand Junction from Denver. The closure of I-70 is presenting challenges to truckers that could impact your wallet at the grocery store.

A report from KDVR talked about the impact we could be seeing at the grocery store because of the extra miles truckers are having to drive in order to make their deliveries. Major detours mean higher fuel costs and more time on the road - and greater expense to the trucking companies. At some point, those extra costs have to be passed on to consumers.

For example, truck drivers transporting produce from southern California to Denver are having to detour through Wyoming, adding miles and hours to the trip-- and that means additional costs. Who do you think is going to ultimately pay for it?

Feeling the Impact

If you haven't been traveling lately and have not been impacted by the closure of I-70 in that way, you may be feeling the impact of the closure through higher prices at the grocery store. If your grocery bill seems higher than normal, this may be why.

What we are realizing more than ever is that I-70 is more than just a convenient way to get across Colorado. The interstate is critical to commerce and the state's economy and the sooner it reopens, the better it will be for everyone - and their wallets.

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