Have you seen the newly painted utility boxes on Horizon Drive in Grand Junction? Who's been going around town painting these?

This was the scene last Sunday on Horizon Drive. Chances are you've observed a handful of such examples across Grand Junction. These boring old fixtures (which I'm going to refer to as "utility boxes" because I don't know what else to call them) are being painted with Western Colorado motifs.

Who's the artist? In this particular case, the artist is Josh Anderson.

Horizon Drive Grand Junction artwork
Tom Freeman

There are more examples around town. A friend called and said a similar box at 5th and Main in Grand Junction has just been painted. I'm going to go check it out next.

This practice is not uncommon. I did a search, and the community of Westfield, Massachusetts, has an amazing program such as this. Aspiring artists are encouraged to apply for the program.

The Utility Box program is designed to encourage community engagement and beautify the neighborhood. The artwork must be suitable for viewing by all ages and will be reviewed prior to selection. - Westfield On Weekends

Grand Junction Horizon Drive Artwork
Tom Freeman

This strikes me as fascinating. To my eye, anything is more aesthetically pleasing than an old grey utility box. I, for one, really enjoy the artwork shown above.

I contacted the Grand Junction Center for the Arts for more details. I'm still waiting for a reply.

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