At long last, someone is moving to the vacant lot next to City Market at the corner of 12th and Patterson. No, it's not the guy with the "Will Work For Food" sign. A longstanding Western Colorado business is migrating a total of about 75 feet.

If you look directly west from the vacant lot, you'll see ANB (American National Bank) on the southwest corner of 12th and Patterson. They've been at that location forever. You'll also see a "For Lease" sign out in front of their building.

Sometime in the foreseeable future, ANB will pick up and move across the street to the southeast corner of 12th and Patterson.

I've been a happy customer of ANB's for 31 years. I opened my first checking account with them when I was 16. Over the years, the bank has changed names a few times. When I think about it, my grandparents banked there for the majority of their lives.

While this isn't exactly a big move, the reality is it will undoubtedly be a major undertaking. The vacant lot is just that - a pile of dirt. They'll be constructing a new facility from the ground up. To be honest, I'm not at all unhappy with their present location. It's a nice building, well designed, and features plenty of those little vacuum tube thingies that suck the round money container up through the attic.

Well, things change. It is nice to know there will still be an ANB in that area. Having a branch of this bank on 12th is very convenient.

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