Who wants to be a Billionaire? I think so many people would love to win that much money. However, there are some who have won a lot of money and wish they hadn't. I have heard where one person won the lottery about 20 million and chose to stay anonymous because she didn't want her lifestyle to change. She loved her community and liked her life and didn't want that to change because she was not filthy rich. It can happen you could win the lottery.

I love telling this story about my favorite Aunt who won a million dollars in Publishers Clearing House; she lived out in the country where the nearest biggest city was 50 miles away. They came out with the cameras and a big ole check for a million dollars.

They never changed their lifestyle; I think they bought a camper, but they still live in a small house and live the same way. They might go fishing in their camper now and then. Then Ten years later my first cousin won a million dollars with a scratch-off ticket. I was hoping the luck still runs in my family. I went out and bought one megamillions ticket too. I'll keep my fingers crossed, and good luck to you also.

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