I guess I had forgotten how many good actors there are in Hollywood, thank you for reminding me. Who can remember Deer Hunter with Christopher Walken? I think that was one of the very first movies I ever attended. I probably should not have gone to that movie at such a young age.

Tom Hanks in Forest Gump was another great movie I have watched that movie at least five times. Tom Hanks has been in so many films lets see, The Green Mile loved that movie, Big, Philadephia, Sully, Terminal the list goes on for Tom Hanks.

Then we have Denzel Washington love the film the Equalizer. Denzel Washington has been in some great movies. Yes and Sandra Bullock, I love her how I could forget her. I didn't even mention Angelina Jolie she too is a great actress in my opinion.
Here is what you had to say about your favorite actors.

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