The statue of Chet Enstrom at 7th and Main in Grand Junction has been adorned with flowers. Who did this, and why today?

To my knowledge, the statue, in place since September 25, 2014, normally doesn't have a vase full of flowers.

Chet and Vernie Enstrom statue Grand Junction
Waylon Jordan

I'm curious why they were placed there, and why on this date? I've ruled out the possibility of it being Chet Enstrom's birthday. According to the Enstrom Candies Facebook page, Chet Enstrom's birthday is November 27.

May Day, perhaps? It's possible those flowers have been there since yesterday. Looking back at my youth, we used to celebrate May 1, May Day, by leaving May Baskets, usually containing flowers, on neighbors' doorsteps. That was 40-some-odd years ago. I don't know if people still do this.

Perhaps a family member or friend left them there "just because." The person responsible went to considerable effort. I'm no expert, but those appear to be white roses, and a bunch of them. Upon further investigation, I discovered them to be artificial.

There is, of course, the possibility that someone simply left them there. This would be a very expensive case of vandalism, and a very nice one. This doesn't appear to have been done in any destructive intentions.

What's the occasion? I'm asking because I don't know, and can't seem to figure it out. I did reach out to Enstrom Candies, but have not received a reply. If you know, please share.

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