Who's the best roofer in the Grand Junction area? That's a question you don't get asked every day. It is, however, a very important question. Who would you describe as the valley's best?

Ah, the joys of being a landlord. If you're lucky, the rent comes in. If you're unlucky, the property needs repairs. Time does its thing, and ultimately, you're income property needs repairs. The alleged income property rapidly turns into an expense property.

Re-roofing a house is not exactly a minor undertaking. I've done roofing work before, but that was on new construction. The idea of stripping off an old roof, repairing and patching the plywood, and then putting down the new surface, seems like a little too much work. Not only that, I would have to rent a roll-off to haul the old materials away. This already sounds pricey.

In this case, it might pay to bite my lip and hire someone. It seems roofers are almost a dime a dozen in this town. While that may be the case, a new roof is an area where quality matters. That roof is going to have to last at least 30, preferably 40 years. This isn't the type of thing you want to do every time you turn around.

Have you had roofing work done? Were you happy with the results? Would you recommend them? Let me know who you recommend. Please take into account the following factors:

  • I'm cheap
  • This is a one-time thing. This roof needs to last me the rest of my life
  • Fast, efficient service is a must. I don't want to strip the old roof off, only to have it snow and ruin the house.
  • Must be bonded and insured

I've put together a list of roofing companies around the valley. It's possible I missed one or two. If so, please write their name in, and I'll add it.

Cast your votes. The results will give me an idea where to begin.

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