Tomorrow (April 4) is "Hug a Newsman Day." It's also "Hug a Newswoman Day." Which Western Colorado newscaster is most deserving of a big hug?

Being a newscaster must be a rough job. My original career path was in broadcast news, but I never did television. Can you imagine being at work at 4 a.m. wearing a suit and looking spiffy? I show up for work wearing tennis shoes and a sweatshirt, and am typically one of the best dressed people here. I might comb my hair, then again, I might not. Shaving is optional, and often discouraged.

These TV news people have to be groomed and looking sharp at ridiculous hours. That takes a special kind of gusto. For that reason alone they deserve a hug.

Scroll through the various channels tonight during the evening news. Which one of these people is most deserving of a hug? I say they all get a pat on the back. Which one, though, really stands out?

Cast your vote below. If I missed somebody, write their name in, and they will be added to the list.

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