Nothing hits the spot on a Western Colorado winter morning like a fully loaded omelette. They come in every shape and size and in every color of the rainbow. When it's all said and done, which local eatery makes Western Colorado's most amazing omelette?

For the bachelor crowd, making an omelette with five ingredients is far too labor intensive. Single guys know how to make scrambled eggs, and even that's pushing it. Eggs, cheese, plus other ingredients? Out of the question.

This is where restaurants come in. The make great omelettes and feature a list of ingredients you can add, usually to the tune of about 99 cents per item. From this point, the sky is the limit.

Nearly all "breakfast" restaurants offer omelettes to a certain degree. Some push the limits and take the art of omelette making to the point of virtuosity. Have you seen the guys who work the "Build Your Own Omelette" stations at places like The Rockslide and Golden Corral? They are master craftsmen.

When life goes your way and you find a few extra dollars in your pocket, where do you like to go to enjoy a delicious omelette? Several Western Colorado restaurants offer them on their menus. Which one, though, makes the best?

Before we get too far, please keep in mind, we are asking which Western Colorado restaurant offers the best omelette. No doubt your mother's are phenomenal, but we are searching for public eateries.

Cast your vote. If you don't see your favorite, write it in, and it will be added promptly.

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