Do you ride a motorcycle? Can you direct me to the best motorcycle service center in Grand Junction?

For the first time in my life, I'm in need of finding someone to do a little work on an older motorcycle. While I enjoy doing some minor mechanical work, this particular project is uncharted territory for me.

When my mother died, I inherited her 1980 Honda TwinStar. There's an interesting history of this bike. Shortly after my mom bought it in 1980, she became severely ill and spent the better part of a year in the hospital and transitional care. Her illness left her disabled and she never rode a motorcycle again. So, forty years later, her Honda TwinStar has barely 2,000 original miles. It's been sitting in the garage, wrapped in a blanket, for the last four decades.

Upon inheriting the motorcycle, I was certain it was a museum piece. To think, a 40-year-old motorcycle with barely 2,000 miles on it. There was no doubt in my mind this was a collector's item in the extreme sense. Well, like often, I was wrong.

Upon visiting several motorcycle dealers and collectors it was learned this bike is worth about $300 to $500 at best. Nobody cares about the fact it has low miles and is showroom condition.

With this in mind, I believe the proper thing to do is get the bike running and put it back on the road. Okay, it's going to look a little funny, a 225-pound guy rolling down the road on a 194 cc Honda. Hey, it has sentimental value, okay.

Waylon's Motorcycle
Waylon Jordan

Here's the dilemma - this motorcycle hasn't been started in 40 years. At the very least the battery is long since dead, the tires need to be replaced, oil replaced, and the fuel tank and fuel line need emptied and cleaned. One can only imagine what the carburetor looks like.

Again, I'm very much an "Average Joe" mechanic. Taking that into consideration, it's in all our best interests this project be handled by pros.

So, where does one go? Can you point me in the right direction? This is one of the only things I have of my mother's so it's precious and irreplaceable. Please direct me to the best of the best.

For the list below, I searched motorcycle repair shops on Yelp!. If any local shops are missing, please write in their name and they will be added to the list. Thank you for helping me out.

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