Where were you on Tuesday, September 11, 2001?

At that time, I was a trainer at StarTek in Grand Junction and that was a very hard day for me for a lot of reasons.

I had a cousin and his family who were visiting New York City then. They saved up for 10 years to go and got there on Monday, the 10th. Their World Trade Center tour was for 9:15 that morning and they were on their way to it when the first plane hit.

My cousin was hit by pieces or rock or metal, not sure which, and his head was cut.

No one noticed, not even him. He later explained, time just seemed to stop. He was grabbed by a first responder and taken into the building that had not yet been hit and had been turned into a triage/command center. He ended up at a hospital and received over 100 stitches in his head.

I spent four weeks in Canada working and was asked to stay an extra two weeks. If I had, I would have been traveling that day. As you may or may not remember, all flights were canceled until the FAA could declare the skies safe again.

Remember how eerie it was to not see planes in the sky or hear them?

The events of that day changed America like no other event ever had. To be attacked on our own shores was something no one ever thought possible, and yet it happened.

The World Trade Center, the Pentagon. and Shanksville, Penn.

Let this never be forgotten.

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