Is it possible to find gas in Grand Junction for under $2 a gallon? As a matter of fact, it is. Where will you find the valley's best gas prices?

A buddy of mine sent me a text the other day with a photo of his most recent gas purchase. The fancy little display on the gas pump read $1.99 a gallon. When was the last time you purchased gas for under $2 a gallon?

How did he get this deal? Well, gas at Stinker's at 2nd and North Avenue in Grand Junction was running $2.09 a gallon. With his Shamrock card, he received a 10 cent discount. Total price = $1.99 per gallon.

Stinker Gas Grand Junction crop
Waylon Jordan

I went the very next day to double check, and sure enough, the price was still $2.09. I don't have a Shamrock card, so I would have to pay full price. Where else could one find a good deal?

I drove a few blocks west to Sam's Club gas pumps. The price there was $2.07.

Sam's Club Gas Grand Junction
Waylon Jordan

At this time, I'm beginning to resemble my grandpa. He would drive all over town in his 1972 Chevy Custom Deluxe pickup truck, averaging about eight miles per gallon, searching for the best gas prices. He would spend $3 in gas searching for a chance to save two cents per gallon.

Did you know there's an easier way? You can search up-to-the-minute gas prices from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. You can even share your low-price discoveries with others.

GasBuddy at features updated information on the best gas prices in the valley. Contributors post their findings and share them with the public. As of 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning, January 23, the lowest "posted" gas price in Grand Junction would be Sam's Club at $2.07. How do we know this? Well, Shinglapo, one of the people who post to this site, told us. Please note: these findings do not take into account discounts you might receive with a fuel company card or "loyalty" discounts like those at City Market.

GasBuddy lists updated prices on various grades of fuel, including Diesel. Imagine how useful this tool could be. Is this really a big deal? Well, kind of. Looking at the first page of listings, you'll see a 42 cent-per-gallon variation between prices in Grand Junction. Multiply that times 16 gallons, and it adds up.

Gasbuddy fuel prices

I'm one of those people who drive until the gas light comes on, and then at the very last minute searches the nearest gas station. Given the spectrum of gas prices displayed above, perhaps it would be best to be proactive and use this site when looking to fuel up in Grand Junction.

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