Hello... Is anyone there? Here's an interesting look at Colorado's Eisenhower Tunnel. When was the last time you saw it looking like this?

When I ask the question, I'm referring to two things:

  1. Very little to absolutely no traffic at the tunnel whatsoever
  2. Fresh snow on the ground in mid-April

I don't know about you, but I've driven through this tunnel when it was bumper to bumper traffic. There were times it looked like a parade. Between the Stay at Home order and the closure of are ski resorts, you can watch this video for several minutes without seeing a single vehicle. Thanks to 9News for the use of the video.

According to 9News.com, traffic at the Eisenhower-Johnson tunnels has reached a 40 year low. There is a drastic contrast between the traffic now versus one year ago. 9News.com states that on Sunday, March 31, 2019, the day saw nearly 44,000 cars passing through the tunnels. One year later, though, the same Sunday in 2020 had only 9,637 cars.

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Secondly, while there's certainly nothing extraordinary about snow falling in the Colorado mountains, this has been an unusual stretch of weather for the state. We've gone from 70-degree weather to record-setting lows all in the course of a week.

This probably sounds strange, but before long things will hopefully get back to the new "normal" and we'll be glad to see congestion at the tunnel and hot summer temperatures.

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