Good news, Dr. Bob lives! First question: Who is Dr. Bob? Second, where did he go, and why do people think he's dead?

This sign is on display at the Redlands Pet Clinic on Monument Road in Grand Junction. It's a little disconcerting when you drive down the road and see a sign stating "Dr. Bob... still here, still alive." What's the backstory with this sign?

Waylon Jordan

Dr. Bob refers to Dr. Robert M. Turrou. Did somebody say he was dead? Not necessarily. In reality, he's in the process of getting ready to ride off into the sunset and embark on the journey called "retirement." He's slowly winding down his career while a new vet gets ready to take over.

Dr. Kyle Dunn has been on staff for about a year, and will take the helm at the Redlands Pet Clinic in the near future.

Live long and prosper, Dr. Bob. Okay, that's somebody else's shtick, but it applies. Thank you for years of great service. We're glad you're still here... and still alive.