Have you noticed you can't get into the McDonald's at 12th and North Avenue in Grand Junction? The drive-thru seems to be operating, though. What's going on?

The interior of this McDonald's location is undergoing a major facelift. This goes beyond a quaint little remodel. Take a look through the windows and you'll see what I mean.

I stopped by earlier today (January 29) to peek inside. The interior of the restaurant is completely gutted. Tables were removed, the Play Place is a complete disaster (not that it affects me personally... I don't hang out in there like people say I do), and the front counter is gone.

While the lobby is closed, the drive-thru is operating per normal. As a matter of fact, it is jumping.

McDonalds Grand Junction Drive Thru Open
Waylon Jordan

I called earlier today to find out when the lobby would reopen. According to the employee on the other end of the phone, the ETA for reopening the lobby is February 13 or 14. That's not bad for a major facelift. That brings it in at two-and-a-half weeks.

If you visit this location in the morning, you'll notice it's an oil painting. You'll see the exact same 30 or 40 people every day. They have a steady "coffee" crowd most mornings. Hopefully, these folks have found a temporary fix until mid-February rolls around.

If you find yourself suffering a Big Mac Attack, the drive-thru is at your service. If you're looking to sit for lunch, you'll either have to take it home, or visit on the various other McDonald's locations.

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