Did you have a chance to attend the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra Concert or Ryan Chrys and the Rough Cuts at Las Colonias Amphitheatre? Both of these concerts were held with social distancing mandates in place. How did they unfold?

I had a chance to do the stage announcements for Ryan Chys and the Rough Cuts last Friday night at Las Colonias Amphitheatre. This was my first time back at the Amp since COVID-19 restrictions were put in place.

In my opinion, when it was all said and done, a concert at the Amp with the COVID-19 protocols in place is ultimately no different than a show at the venue under normal conditions. The show pretty much unfolded like any other production I've ever seen at Las Colonias, or for that matter, any other venue.

Like any other show, visitors made their way through the front gate, ticket in hand, and then proceeded to the seating area. Depending on the number of people in their party, they were directed to a specific part of the amphitheater. Once there, they set up their chair, got comfy, and enjoyed the show.

Las Colonias Amphitheatre seating directions
Waylon Jordan

The grounds at the amphitheater were marked with "pods" indicating where to set your seat. These pods were outlined on the lawn. If your party had ten or fewer people, you were assigned a pod designated to accommodate that many people. If you had four or fewer, you were assigned a pod designated for four or fewer. Pretty cut and dry.

Las Colonias Amphitheatre pod painted on lawn
Waylon Jordan

The only noticeable difference? The only difference to me involved the lack of a crowd immediately in front of the stage. Normally, at a show such as this, I start the announcements by throwing out t-shirts. Since the nearest audience members were a good 50 feet from the stage, I opted to hang on to the shirts until after the announcements, and then "hand" them out to the audience.

Las Colonias Amphitheatre remain seated
Waylon Jordan

Last Friday night's show was a ton of fun. There are a number of awesome shows on the horizon:

  • September 11 - The Yawmpers
  • September 13 - Pancho Barraza y Perdidos de Sinaloa
  • September 30 - Yonder Mountain String Band
  • October 9 - Comedian Brian Regan

If you plan to attend any of these shows, there are a few things to keep in mind. Tickets need to be purchased in advance, at which point you will select which gate you will enter. Gate #1 is at the southeast corner, closest to the river park. Gate #2 is at the northeast corner and closest to Riverside Parkway. Entrance 3 is on the northwest side, near Edgewater Brewery.

Amphitheater at Las Colonias via Facebook

There are, of course, a handful of policies you'll need to observe at the upcoming shows:

* Stay home if you are experiencing symptoms
* Wear a mask to enter and walk around the venue
* Stay seated during the event
* Stay with your household/people of similar relationships
* Groups of 10 or fewer are allowed; depending on inventory, your group may be required to split up into groups of four or fewer
* Pre-purchase of tickets
* Patrons must be from approved counties

Food and beverages will be available at each of their shows, and everyone will be free to eat and drink in their spot without a mask.

Seriously, last Friday night's show was just like any other. I hope you'll make plans to attend one of the upcoming performances. Like any other year, cold weather will eventually move in and we'll have to call it a season. Before winter sets in, please try to catch one of these shows.

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