Country Jam is upon us, and so is summer. This is Western Colorado, and where the weather is concerned, that could mean just about anything. What kind of weather can you expect for the week of Country Jam?

I've been to Country Jam in the middle of lightning storms, record heat, and on one occasion, something resembling a typhoon. Considering Grand Junction is hundreds of miles from the Pacific coast, that whole typhoon thing struck me as kind of weird.

Here's a brief glimpse of the first few days, beginning with the Campground Kick-Off Party on Wednesday.

Country Jam Wed through Friday
National Weather Service

Here's the rundown for the entire week, courtesy of the National Weather Service:

  • Thursday - Mostly Sunny with a high of 91
  • Thursday Night - Slight chance of showers, with a low of 61.
  • Friday - Slight chance of showers and Thunderstorms. Partly sunny with a high of 86.
  • Friday Night - A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy with a low of 59.
  • Saturday - Sunny with a high of 86.
  • Saturday Night - Partly cloudy, with a low around 60.
  • Sunday - Mostly sunny with a high of 87.

Wow! It looks like the most extreme temperature we'll have to deal with is Thursday with a high of 91. That's not bad at all. For the most part, you'll notice a certain sameness throughout the week. There seems to be a recurring theme with "partly cloudy" and "mostly sunny." That works.

Speaking as a Country Jam vet, there are a few things to remember, regardless of what the weather brings. You're going to be outside for 10 to 12 hours. If you're like me, your skin burns in about one hour. Sunscreen is a must. Secondly, you'll need water and lots of it. You can get bottled water on the grounds, and there are drinking fountains. Regardless of how you get it, make sure you drink plenty of water. Note: Yes, the ice cubes in a Jack and Coke contain water, but that doesn't count. Have your fun, but stay hydrated.

It looks like Mother Nature is going to be kind to us this week. Let's make this the best Country Jam ever. Stay hydrated, smother yourself in sunscreen, and like always, please don't drink and drive. See you at the Jam!

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