The May-Day Moolah cash contest is down to the final week and I started thinking what would I do if I won $1,000. I know the responsible answer is to pay that bill or fix that thing but I just can’t seem to buy that even from myself.

Look winning a $1,000 would be great and paying down that credit card or getting something done on the house would be awesome but what about me? I work hard week in and week out with little vacation time and even less money to really take one. So please excuse me while I blow a grand to just have a little fun.

Now this must be done with real thought and planing to get the most out the $1,000 and if you are buying that you are not playing along.

Now some people might like to plan out a weekend trip to a spa or resort to just lay around and have people fawn over you. Taking mud baths and getting some cucumber scrubs just sound like so much fun I don’t know if I could stand it.

Others might pack up the kids and go spend a whole weekend in Denver going to Six Flaggs and the Water Park. That would be fun expect for the long lines and all of the screaming kids. I like kids but this blowing of a grand is about me.

So if I won $1,000 this is what I would do.

First I would find a nice spot in the mountains next to a lake and rent it out for the weekend. Then get a few kegs of beer and a huge hog and have an old fashion hog roast. When I was kid at least once a summer we would go to a hog roast that would last all weekend.

We would get there on a Friday afternoon and didn’t leave until Sunday evening. There was always plenty to eat and it was a family thing so there were plenty of kids to play with. When we got tried we just went to our tent and go to sleep. The adult would party all night or until they passed out.

Yeah, I think if I won $1,000 I would host a real old fashion hog roast.

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