If you love living under blue skies and lots of sunshine then life on Colorado's Western Slope is the perfect place to be. Great weather makes enjoying the Grand Mesa, Colorado National Monument, and our Mesa County State Parks even more enjoyable.

Grand Junction experiences nearly 250 days of sunshine on average per year. While we do experience winter weather, it's nothing like what they experience in Aspen or Vail, and we don't see nearly as many single-digit days as they do on the Front Range during the winter.

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Grand Junction, Colorado's Annual Forecast

Grand Junction's annual forecast calls for hot dry summers, and cold and snowy winters (shorter than most places). While we tend to see more cloudy days during the winter, the spring and summer feature plenty of blue sky for enjoying the great outdoors. During the year, temps range from 20 degrees on cold winter days to around 94 degrees during July and August. Grand Junction's year-round average high temp when factoring in winter and summer is 64 degrees with the average low at 39 degrees.

Winter in Grand Junction, Colorado

If you think that Grand Junction, Colorado is a frozen city most of the winter it really is not. Grand Junction averages just under 16 inches of snow all winter. Snowfall begins in November and most major storms are over and done with by early February.

January is easily the coldest month in Grand Junction with overnight lows around 15 degrees. 

Summer in Grand Junction, Colorado

Summer in Grand Junction arrives in mid-May and usually lasts until late September. The average daily temperature during this time works out to about 83 degrees which make for beautiful conditions for enjoying the many outdoor attractions in Mesa County.

Grand Junction averages under 10 inches of rainfall during the year so you won't see your outdoor plans constantly being rained out. Scroll on to check out even more reasons to visit Grand Junction.

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