Have you ever wondered just what all SIRI knows? Here is a list of the questions SIRI is programmed to answer. 

Here's the most comprehensive list of questions and statements that prompt special Siri responses. Tap your iPhone home button and start the conversation.

Are you Her?

Are you human?

Are you kidding me?

Are you male or female?

Are you serious?

Are you stupid?

Beam me up, Scotty!

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

Can I have some money?

Can you be my designated driver?

Can you sing?

Do I look good in this dress?

Do these jeans make me look fat?

Do you agree with me?

Do you follow the three laws of robotics?

Do you have any pets?

Do you know HAL 9000?

Do you love me?

Do you think I’m attractive?

Do you want to go on a date?

Do you want to make out?

Do you want to play a game?

Find me some hookers

Get a job

Get a life

Good afternoon (say in the morning)

Good morning (say in the evening)

Good night (say in the morning)

Guess what?

Happy Birthday

How are you?

How do I look?

How do you spell "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"?

How many Apple Store geniuses does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

How much do you cost?

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

How old am I?

How old are you?

How’s it going?

I am tired

I can’t sleep

I hate you

I have a gambling addiction

I have to go to the bathroom

I like you

I love you

I'm naked

I'm sleepy

I’m drunk

I’m happy

I’m selling you on eBay!

Is it going to rain?

Is there a god?

Knock knock

Make me a sandwich

Merry Christmas

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

No thanks

OK, Glass

Open the pod bay door

Play a good song

Read me a haiku

Screw you

Shut up

Sing a song

Stop it, Siri

Take a picture

Take me to your leader

Talk dirty to me

Tell me a bit about yourself

Tell me a joke

Tell me a story

Tell me something good

Testing, testing

What are you doing later?

What are you wearing?

What are you?

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

What do you look like?

What do you think about Google Now?

What do you think of Android?

What do you think of Cortana?

What do you think of Steve Jobs?

What does Siri mean?

What does the fox say?

What is 2001: A Space Odyssey about?

What is my name?

What is the best computer?

What is the best smartphone?

What is the meaning of life?

What is the movie Memento about?

What is wrong with you?

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite drink?

What is your mom’s name?

What is zero divided by zero?

What should I have been for Halloween?

What's better, Windows or Mac?

What's the best computer?

What's your favorite animal?

What’s new?

What’s so funny?

What’s the secret of the universe?

What’s up?

What’s you’re story?

What’s your problem?

When is the world going to end?

When is your birthday?

When will the world end?

Where are you from?

Where are you?

Where did I put my keys?

Where do babies come from?

Where do you live?

Where is Elvis Presley?

Which is the best tablet?

Who is Siri?

Who is your daddy?

Who is your favorite person?

Who is your least favorite person?

Who made you?

Who makes the best computer?

Who's your daddy?

Who’s on first?

Why am I here?

Why are firetrucks red?

Why are you so awesome?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Why do you vibrate?

Why not?


Will you marry me?

You are an idiot

You are beautiful

You are boring

You look sexy

You should go on a diet

You’re a loser

You’re funny

You’re smart


Let us know if you have found any more!


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