Our two dogs Koda and Gypsy are everything to Savannah and me. With us not planning on having kids we truly spoil these dogs as much as possible. They have influenced most decisions in our life including the homes we have purchased. But with them both being rescue animals we knew there would be medical issues that we knew would be a problem at some point. We are hitting that point with my princess, Gypsy.


My sweetheart Gypsy (aka Gypsy-Gyps-A-Nation) was first rescued down in Texas and was a mom to 5 puppies at the time. The pups were adopted quickly but Gypsy was already positive for Heartworms and the shelter was thinking it would be best to put her down. We intervened and after just one round of treatment, Gypsy beat Heartworms has been such an amazing furry family member to us.

The issue we are facing now has been a problem since we first got Gypsy but it has gotten worse in time at that is her hips. Her legs have always shaken as she attempted to lay on the ground but lately, it's gotten worse. We have spent hundreds of dollars on rugs throughout our house where there is hardwood flooring so she has something easier on her legs and hips.

But I'm wondering if you have had success with CBD products for dogs, and if so, which ones worked great for you? Please send me any suggestions you might have, billy.jenkins@townsquaremedia.com

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