If you could bring any musical artist, alive or dead, still touring or retired, really good or really bad, to Western Colorado, who would it be? If it were up to me, there would be no question whatsoever who I would bring.

This is as easy as it gets. Elvis Presley. Period. No grey area. If I could bring any artist, alive or dead to Grand Junction, it would be the "King of Rock N' Roll." I'm not entirely sure what venue we would book him at, but that is an entirely different question.

The first time I saw Elvis was in 1974 at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City. Okay, that was the first and only time I saw Elvis. We were so far up in the nosebleed section it could have been Jimmy Hoffa performing on the stage and we would have never known it.

Just to be clear, we're talking about 1970's bloated Elvis with the white jumpsuit and the 64-ounce "Bladder Buster" Coca Cola. Those of you who prefer "younger" Elvis already got your shot with the Elvis stamp. This time, it's my turn.

Even with conservative estimates, it's pretty safe to say Elvis could sell out the Grand Junction High School Auditorium in a matter of a few milliseconds. Perhaps he could play Country Jam Ranch. How about the Botanical Gardens?

Who would you want to see play Grand Junction. Please keep in mind, for our purposes here, the artists can be anyone - alive or dead, retired or active, good or bad. If you don't see there name on the list, please write it in with the available space, and we'll officially add it as soon as possible. Have fun.