Something new is underway west of the Safeway shopping center in Grand Junction? Who's moving in?
Have you seen the construction between Safeway and the plaza at 2497 Power Road? Whatever it is, they are moving fast on it.
Brachs Indoor Storage Grand Junction
Waylon Jordan
Even if you've lived in Grand Junction for a long time, it's possible you've never visited Power Road. Put simply, it's one block north of Broadway, northwest of the intersection at Monument Road.
While walking the Audubon Trail on Monday, I noticed crews working on the new structure. I would swear there was nothing there a week ago.
As it turns out, the new giant metal structure will be an indoor storage facility. According to the sign out front, it is the new home of Brach's Interior Storage.
Brachs Indoor Storage
Waylon Jordan
If you lived in Grand Junction in the 1970's, you probably visited Brach's Market. It stood where you now find the Safeway Plaza. Over the years that plaza housed a small market, a liquor store, and for a while, Starvin' Arvin's.
If you go back far enough, my family used to own the land. My grandpa purchased the land now occupied by Safeway when he returned from World War II. He, my grandmother, and my mom, lived in that house for a handful of years before moving into town.
According to my grandpa, he sold that property, including the house, guest house, chicken coop, and all the land, for $7,000.00. Imagine what it's worth now.
Getting back to the new structure - I spoke to the crew regarding a projected completion date. They had no idea.
At the rate they are going, I suspect this building will be done soon. I'm not entirely sure what one stores in an "indoor" storage facility, but I guess we will soon find out.

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