Stop us if you’ve heard this one before – an actor may have misled us about their return to a major TV series. Yes, despite repeated denials that one Westworld star would be saddling up for another trip to the park, the actor in question now confirms that the Man in Black will return to his greener days.

You’re warned of full Westworld spoilers from here on out, but it seems Season 2 found more to mine from Jimmi Simpson’s William after all, despite Season 1 finale “The Bicameral Mind” confirming his identity as the younger Man in Black. Simpson admitted as much to reporters at the ongoing TCA press tour (h/t EW), despite previously claiming the HBO drama wouldn’t have him back:

I mean, yeah, I pop in. I wish there was exploration between the time when Williams’ heart was broken and we see the result. I want to know how much it takes and how hard he tried to not go there. But I don’t write the story.

Granted, the return of Ben Barnes’ Logan made it likely we’d revisit the earlier days of the park, especially now that the present version has gone haywire. There’s plenty of history to showcase as William rises through the ranks of the Delos board and simultaneously terrorizes the park, but we’d doubt if Season 2 attempts to pull any more temporal switcheroos.

Elsewhere of Westworld Season 2, the spring “Journey Into Night” is expected to answer practical questions about the park, potentially even a date for the show’s setting. Ed Harris will be back to play Season 2 on “extreme mode,” while Talulah Riley and Louis Herthum have been upped to series regular. We’ll also finally get answers on the mysterious “SW” park, and hopefully learn what became of poor Elsie and Stubbs. New additions include Leftovers alum Katja Herbers, Neil Jackson and American Gods star Jonathan Tucker, Vikings favorite Gustaf Skarsgard, Tyrant alum Fares Fares, Zahn McClarnon, Betty Gabriel and LOST star Hiroyuki Sanada.

HBO will likely ramp up Season 2 promotion before long, but what might William’s return imply?

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