If you have ever driven I-70 during ski season you know how congested the highway gets.

But thanks to a study completed recently, a high-speed train could alleviate a lot of that congestion.

The train would run from Denver International Airport to the Eagle County Regional Airport and looks to be a solution to the gridlock ski season provides.

According to the Director of the I-70 coalition:

“High-speed transit is one of three components of the long-term plan for the I-70 mountain corridor that was issued by the Federal Highways Administration and the Colorado Department of Transportation,” said Margaret Bowes, director of the I-70 Coalition, a nonprofit organization representing 28 local governments and businesses in the area. “While funding remains a challenge, this study provides valuable information for communities along the corridor and for CDOT and local transportation planners to take into account when considering the financial feasibility of a high-speed transit system in the mountain corridor.”

The study says 85% of visitors use I-70, adding more vehicles to a road already packed with locals getting to and from ski areas, work and more.

The train also has the possibility of adding more jobs and more income to those living in the area.

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