Western Colorado musical group "Rock N' Swing," formerly know as the "Hit Squad," has regrouped and will make their return to the region's music scene.

"Rock N' Swing" is a Grand Junction based five piece band including sax, keyboards, guitar, bass, and drums. The instrumental lineup allows the band the opportunity to play an eclectic assortment of charts, including Rock, Soul, R&B, and even a few Country tunes.

Bandleaders Frank Bregar and Mike Gazdak were anxious to get the group going again after a long hiatus. During that break, the band encountered a few "close encounters of the WEIRD kind," and underwent a few member changes.

Waylon Jordan

The new lineup includes members of the "Frank Bregar Orchestra," including Frank Bregar, Mike Gazdak, and Waylon Jordan. Pat Olsen, drums, returns to the group following the extended vacation. The new member of "Rock N Swing" is Desert Flyer Band guitarist and vocalist Greg Achord.

"Rock N Swing" will be performing around the Grand Valley starting this April.