Do you have friends and family visiting the Grand Junction area for Thanksgiving? Why not show them around our region with an easy stroll up to the mica mines? The hike is excellent, the conditions are perfect, and you owe it to yourself to take this walk.

The trail to the mica mines is well maintained and easily managed by the novice hiker. Your guests will will enjoy a nice walk in the outdoors and the chance to see a Western Colorado fixture.

The hike is very practical, coming in at just over two hours round trip. No special gear is required. Need more convincing? Here are several reasons why you should take your guests on this hike:

  • The conditions are perfect - not too hot, not too cold.
  • The trail is receiving use, but it's not crowded.
  • There's still enough daylight this time of year to make the hike in the morning and still have plenty of daytime left to spend with friends.
  • Access to the trail is easy - it hasn't snowed heavily yet, so you don't have to worry about taking Little Park's "big hill".
  • Get a jump start on the hiking season with this user-friendly trail.
  • Access to the trail is free - you don't need a Colorado park permit.
  • There is ample parking at the trail head.
  • The hike is well marked, and the mine is easily found.
  • To make the hike, you're looking at an hour in, an hour out, and whatever time you want to spend at the mine.

The hike to the mine is relatively easy. With the exception of a few ledges at the trail head, the hike pretty much consists of walking a well-marked trail. You do have step over a small stream on a couple of occasions, but this is of little concern. Worst case scenario, you get a little mud on the bottom of your shoe.

Along the way, you'll encounter fascinating remnants from the days when the mine was still in operation. There are plenty of photo ops, places to rest, and tons of things for kids to climb on. Almost any age can make the hike.

To reach the trail head for the mica mine, just head up Little Park Road as if you are heading to Glade Park. The parking area is clearly marked.

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This hike is fun in the winter, but the trail is in the shade almost 24/7 this time of year, so it can get slippery.

NOW is the time. Make the hike to the mica mines while the conditions are perfect. Set aside a little time, gather up your Thanksgiving guests, and make a point to enjoy this easy Western Colorado hike.