How about that early afternoon rain we saw today? Pretty cool, huh? Most people were starting to forget what rain looked like. We don't get a ton of rain here in Western Colorado. These last few months, we've barely had an ounce. What happens if and when we get too much?

Most people don't associate flooding with Western Colorado, but it has happened. Take a little trip back in time with photos from late Daily Sentinel photographer Robert Grant. These are extreme examples, but they did happen.

According to the National Weather Service, we'll get a slight break from the rain tonight (Friday), but things will quickly pick up again with rain all the way from Saturday through Tuesday. Suits me.

I hope the rain continues, but certainly not to the extent seen in the video. My lawn looks like garbage. So do the shrubs. Today's rain was the perfect degree of awesome. Now if we could just have a decent winter.

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