A national restaurant chain with a couple of locations in Western Colorado has a special drink for you this January. This one is fairly basic, but it seems like a good deal.

I'm the wrong person to ask when it comes to determining if this is a great offer. I drink wine... the kind that comes in a box. My memory banks have no recollection as to the last time I purchased a drink at a bar or restaurant. That having been said, this featured drink seems like a good offer.

Have you ever enjoyed a Captain & Cola? I haven't. Well, it's the featured drink at Applebee's for the month of January 2019. You could enjoy one of these fine adult beverages for the low, low price of $2.

Having no experience in the bar industry it certainly isn't my place to say this, but if memory serves, it's mixed drinks that really drive profits at bars and restaurants. Establishments don't make big money on beer. There's profit in other drinks, but not much. Mixed drinks, on the other hand, are inexpensive to produce, and command a hefty price. It seems Applebee's is really biting the bullet to offer this drink at such a low price.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present Captain & Cola? So, what's in it? This is something of a no-brainer. It's Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Pepsi. That's it. Would I be correct in thinking Captain Morgan is a mid-shelf brand of liquor? It certainly isn't some no-name knockoff brand. At $2, this sounds like something a person should take advantage of.

Chatter on social media suggests patrons are excited about this offer. Comments on the monthly drink specials at this venue are typically mixed. December's holiday drink, on the other hand, was met with a warm reception. It seems January 2019 will follow suit with positive reviews.

I've never had rum in my life, and I don't believe it's time to start. Perhaps my thirst can hold off until February. Sorry, Captain Morgan. No offense. You, on the other hand, may have just found the adult beverage you've been looking for. Give this a try the next time you're out with friends.

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