Believe it or not, this Saturday, November 12, 2022, is "National French Dip Day." Where in Western Colorado will you find the best French Dip?

When you head out to celebrate thinly sliced roast beef on a French Roll and au jus, where do you like to go? I posted this question on Facebook. According to you, these are the best places in Western Colorado for French Dip.

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What Is French Dip?

I ask because I've never had it before. My mother, on the other hand, lived on the stuff. According to Wikipedia:

A French dip sandwich, also known as a beef dip, is a hot sandwich consisting of thinly sliced roast beef (or, sometimes, other meats) on a "French roll" or baguette. It is usually served plain but a variation is to top with Swiss cheese, onions, and a dipping container of beef broth produced from the cooking process (termed au jus, "with juice"). Beef stock, a light beef gravy, or beef consommé is sometimes substituted.

Interesting Fact About French Dip

Wikipedia adds French Dip is in fact an American invention. The name more than likely refers to the style of bread used for the sandwich.

Did You Know They Were Commonplace In Western Colorado?

I honestly didn't know French Dip was a common menu item in Colorado. To my mind, it was something you found in places like Las Vegas.

Looking at the menu for Devil's Kitchen in Grand Junction, they have "Rowdy's French Dip" on the menu at $16. Another popular restaurant in Grand Junction, Pufferbelly, has French Dip as the first item on the "Sandwiches and Other Favorites" portion of their menu. A review for Grand Junction's The Feisty Pint gives their French Dip a perfect five out of five stars, stating "Great salad and amazing French dip! Was one of the best restaurants I’ve been to!!"

This Is Why You Probably Haven't Heard of National French Dip Day

The holiday is fairly new. According to Holiday Insights, the special day began with Cole's Restaurant in Los Angeles, California, back in 2018. This restaurant claims to have created the French Dip Sandwich. The date of November 12 coincides with the opening of Cole's on November 12, 1908.

This Is Where You'll Find The Best French Dip In Western Colorado

Saturday, November 12, is National French Dip Day. That's right, a day on which we celebrate a sandwich made of thinly sliced roast beef on a French roll accompanied by a dipping container of au jus. If you were to go out to celebrate National French Dip Day, where would you go? I asked on Facebook, "Where will you find the best French Dip in Western Colorado?" .Here's a quick look at your answers.

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