A Western Colorado band has chosen to "pay it forward" following a successful 2016 by providing Christmas for a struggling family. The band found themselves facing the challenge of choosing which family to provide presents for. Their solution will blow your mind.

The Colorado based band Lever Action went to social media last week asking people to nominate a local family in need of assistance with putting presents under the tree. Fans rapidly began sending in nominations.

According to an update on Lever Action's Facebook page, their "ballot counting equipment," namely a cowboy hat, suffered a malfunction. As a result, they were unable to draw a name from the hat.

In reality, there was nothing wrong with the "hat." The members of Lever Action decided to provide Christmas for all the families nominated. Yes, that's right, they provided presents for ALL of the families nominated on their Facebook page.


Fellow bands from Western Colorado spoke out to share their praise for Lever Action.

Here's to you, Lever Action. Your fellow Western Colorado bands raise their hats to you and your generosity. We hope Lever Action enjoys an equally successful 2017.