A single mother of a special needs child just moved to Colorado. To welcome her, someone stole her car

Not exactly the first impression you would like people to have of your home state. But, for 31-year-old Sarah Allen, that is the way her journey to Colorado has turned.

Originally from Georgia, Allen and her son Aiden had just arrived in the Centennial state. Not for a holiday or a sight-seeing trip. But, for Aiden's life.

4-year-old Aiden was born with cerebral palsy. This condition, plus a stroke that he suffered during birth has left him around the state of an 8-month-old infant. Sarah has to feed Aiden with the aid of a tube, make sure he takes his medications and be around because there are frequent seizures that will hit.

The move to Colorado was for Sarah to get her certification as a nursing aide. That way, she can be Aiden's primary caregiver and also be able to be employed at the same time.

With a scheduled car ride to Denver last week, Sarah simply walked out of her home to realized her vehicle, a 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser was gone. Stolen. Now, she's not sure what she and Aiden are going to do.

There has been a Gofundme page set up.

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