One week into 2017 and this Western Colorado resident has already enjoyed a highlight years in the making. Hopefully, you'll get a chance to enjoy this same milestone.

Do you see that video above? Yes, that's a scum-lapping-piece-of-garbage credit card getting ready to embark on a fantastic journey right through the jaws of my paper shredder. This little demon sucked the life right out of me in 2016, and with the new year, it's time we part ways.

I used to share a healthy relationship with this little piece of plastic. Unfortunately, after one late payment, my interest rate jumped from an already ridiculous 18% to an offensive 26%.

Fortunately, I don't have tremendous amounts of credit card debt. When it comes to the debt this card is carrying, I have only myself to blame. No one put a gun to my head and forced me to use it.

In my defense, my credit debt comes in the form of medical bills and a major car repair or two. When things really started getting rough in 2016, the card was used more than once just to put groceries on the table.

If I sound bitter, it's really only due to the drastic increase in my interest. Had it not been for that, my parting with this card could have been a little more amicable.

Adios, you miserable pile of crap. Sianara, you bucket of puke. I look forward to many happy years without you.

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