It's a new year and far past time to put my vision care benefits to work towards new glasses. Given my situation, this is no minor undertaking. Thankfully, right now, with those renewed benefits, I can save 40 % off the second pair of glasses.

Now is the time to put your benefits to work at Pearle Vision. With your valid prescription, you can save 40% towards your new glasses. Think about that for a minute. New frames, new lenses, all at huge savings.

In my case, I'm wearing bifocals and will be graduating to the big leagues with trifocals with my next purchase of glasses and frames. I'm far from overjoyed at the idea of wearing trifocals, but one has to do what one has to do.

In addition to staring at a computer screen from a distance of about four feet, I also need glasses with a focal length set at the right distance to read music, hence, two pairs of glasses. As you can imagine, filling my vision prescription is far from some quaint little undertaking. I'm probably an optometrist's nightmare.

Contrary to my coworkers' beliefs, I'm anything but wealthy. Fortunately, I have vision coverage through EyeMed, one of the vision care plans accepted at Pearle Vision. Look out new glasses, here I come.

At this point in my career, my vision has become more than a mild concern. My vision issues have drastically affected my involvement with the orchestras and bands in which I perform. New glasses are long overdue. To get new eyewear, though, requires two things: an optometrist who deal with my specific vision needs, and lenses and frames which fit within my budget.

Now's the time. Hearing the words "40 percent off" is music to my ears. The appointment at Pearle Vision has already been made. With my vision benefits, along with the savings, those new glasses will soon be a reality.

*Eye exams available by Independent Doctors of Optometry at or next to Pearle Vision in most states. Doctors in some states are employed by Pearle Vision.

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