If you've avoided getting a flu shot out of fear it would hurt, don't worry. Something has changed, namely the needle, and they no longer hurt like the used to.

I'm making no arguments in favor or against flu shots. That's purely a matter of choice. If your motivation to avoid getting the shot has anything to do with the needle, then you might want to rethink the matter.

As I recall, they used to stick a big needle in your tricep, and you'd spend the next week feeling as though someone had just frogged you in the arm.

Here at the studio, medical professionals came by Wednesday morning to give us our flu shots. For the first time in probably 30 years, I opted in.

Things have changed! These new needles are great. I'm not implying they're lots of fun, and you go out and stick one in your arm just for something to do. Put simply, you can hardly feel them.

Arguments in favor and against flu shots abound. In the event you want to get the shot, but avoided it out of fear of pain, put your worries to rest.