Yellowstone has two distinct tourist seasons, Summer and Winter.

The dates when access to certain areas is limited vary year to year and depends on the predicted (and actual) snowfall.

You can find the exact information here, but for the most part, the park is closed for the next few weeks until the Winter season begins in December.

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A few tourists enjoyed the last days of access to the park at the end of October and were able to experience something pretty up-close view of well over 100 Bison wandering down the road like they own the place...which they kind of do.

Before I share the video with you I want to talk about two errors I found in the title.

"West Yellowstone Buffalo Stampede"

1. These are NOT Buffalo, they are Bison. Don't believe me, or wondering what the difference is? You can read all about it here.

2. This is NOT a stampede. The definition of Stamped is "A sudden panicked rush of a number of horses, cattle, or other animals." Oxford English Dictionary There is nothing sudden, panicked, or rushing about the way these BISON are moving. This herd of Bison is simply taking a leisurely late Fall walk.

Now that we have all of that sorted out, here is the video.

I want to point out that these tourists did all the right things.

They stopped their car to allow the Bison to pass, stayed in the vehicle, and even kept all of their windows up.

The end result was some amazing video footage where both people and Bison stayed safe.

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