I don't often come across a video that literally makes me gasp and cover my mouth.

When I first watched this video I was NOT expecting anything too crazy.

After all, I have seen bulls fight before.

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It's impressive to see them go after each other, banging their horns and skulls and kicking up dust as they charge, but it's not anything new to me.

But, this video I came across from a Brazilian Rancher on Instagram, is more intense than anything I've seen before.

You can tell these guys are big and angry, and the video begins after they have obviously been fighting for a bit.

It starts off with your standard head butting, and then suddenly the bull on the right gets his head under the white bull and completely launches him into the air.

I've seen bulls do this to Cowboys at the rodeo before, but never another bull.

Take a look.

Insane right?! And thankfully none of the Cowboys standing nearby were hurt, you can tell they didn't expect that the bull would be launched into the air either. Did you notice the black bull come charging to join in too? I can't tell if he wanted in on the fighting or if he was just trying to stop his buddies before the situation escalated. I took a moment to look through Rodrigo Gama's feed and came across this picture of him and his bulls, and I think it really shows how huge these animals are.

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