Colorado's avalanche season is getting underway.

It won't be uncommon throughout the winter to have controlled avalanches in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. It's all about making the mountains as safe as possible for outdoor winter enthusiasts.

Earlier this month, Colorado Department of Transportation was at work doing avalanche mitigation on Loveland Pass.

Even though there doesn't appear to be a ton of snow on the ground, when the blast is detonated and the snow begins to cascade down the mountain,  you can still feel the force and the power of the avalanche. When it comes to man vs avalanche, the avalanche always wins.

Every year in America there is an average of 27 avalanche deaths, and Colorado leads the nation in avalanche deaths. Since 2008, there have been more than 60 avalanche deaths in Colorado compared to the next highest state, Washington, with 39.

For those that will be heading to the slopes in the months ahead, ski safely, my friends.

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