The National Weather Service is calling for a 60% chance of snow tonight in Grand Junction. Vail has a 90% chance accompanied by a Winter Storm Warning. Let's be careful when driving on Colorado's roads.

I just checked CDOT's website for travel alerts and my computer just about blew up in my face. It's not like reading War and Peace, but it's a very lengthy list. At 3:10 p.m. this afternoon (Wednesday, March 13) I-70 has closed both directions for an accident near Golden. At 12:49 this afternoon Eastbound I-70 was closed due to safety concerns near Silverthorne. Let's not even get started with US 6 and I-76.

If you're not accustomed to driving over Colorado mountains in snowy conditions, you might want to check out these videos.

For the record, snow plows do a remarkable job of keeping roads clear. Keep in mind, though, plows can only operate so fast, and there's a tremendous amount of roadway out there needing attention.

It really is worth investing a few minutes in your safety, and waiting for the plows to pass.

Please keep in mind, snow falls all over Colorado, not just in the mountains. All the 4-Wheel-Drive in the world won't help you come to a stop on an icy road in town.

For many, this will be their first Colorado Winter. Allow extra travel time, prepare early, and take it easy. I know it stinks when you have to cancel travel plans. I had hoped to visit a friend in Colorado Springs two weeks ago, but that weekend's weather changed my mind. I'd rather see you arrive late than not at all. Please be safe and use extra caution until this storm passes.

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