A Colorado police officer went above and beyond the call of duty to help a scared four-year-old. Because monsters are REAL! 

Sidney Fahrenbruch and her family just finished moving into their new home in Longmont. But, something wasn't right. The cautious child needed something else to be done before she felt 100% safe. So, she called the police to help her search the house to make sure that there weren't any monsters living there.

Officer David Bonday was approached by Sidney at a local event. She point-blank asked him if he could help her check her new house for anything there wasn't supposed to be there, including monsters. The officer agreed.

So, last week, the two began their exhaustive search of the entire house. The expedition went from the basement to under beds, the couch to even outside in the bushes.

The results? We are happy to report that no monsters were located.

What a great story! Definite props to Officer Bonday for stepping up and literally changing a little girl's life. Sidney's mom stated that she can't believe how much confidence the officer has given her daughter. All in a day's work, I guess, for the men and women in blue.

Although, monsters are real!

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