Avalanches can kill, and they can shut down mountain highways, but when an avalanche is planned it is a phenomenal shot of awesomeness.

According to outtherecolorado.com, as a safety measure, 25 pounds of explosives were used recently to trigger a massive avalanche in Ophir, Colorado south of Telluride. You can almost sense and feel the power of the slide as the snow comes rushing down the mountain toward the camera.

Here are four amazing avalanche facts from outtherecolorado.com.

  • Avalanches can travel at speeds of over 20 MPH
  • Six people are killed in Colorado every year
  • There are 500 known avalanche paths in Colorado
  • There are more than 250 safety-induced avalanches in Colorado each year

The next video shows the aftermath of a natural avalanche, also near Ophir, Colorado. It's a stark reminder of the awesomeness and the fury of Mother Nature.


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