If you got it, you got it. One Yellowstone bull elk made sure the ladies knew that he was "the man" when he let out a huge bugle call and one visitor captured it all on video.

Here's how the tourist in Yellowstone National Park described the moment they captured:

A bull was trying to rest, when he heard others bugle from across the hill and he had to keep a close eye on the ladies up close and personal.

Why does a bull elk feel the need to let his voice be heard? Target Crazy mentioned that a bull elk will bugle when there's another male intruder that he sees as a threat.

Here's that same elk, but from a different car angle.

They also shared a hunter who ended up on the wrong end of a bull elk call as he put her in her place.

This obviously happens all the time in the wild, but it's nice that us regular civilians get to see how dominant a bull elk can be up-close-and-personal.

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