Aw, man. Some poor dude is getting his train repossessed. That's what you get for missing payments. Is this a repo in action, or is this train off to a more desirable adventure?

This was the scene earlier today, Wednesday, August 22, 2018. The train will live out its days someplace more enjoyable than the railroad yards, or even worse, the salvage yard.

This locomotive is being moved to the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden. Not exactly something you see every day. The track you see was placed on 44th Avenue just for this event. Talk about a ton of prep work.

What's next for this locomotive once it reaches its destination? According to the official webpage, the Colorado Railroad Museum:

... over 100 narrow and standard gauge steam and diesel locomotives, passenger cars, cabooses HO Model Railroad and G-scale garden railway on our 15-acre railyard. Also, see our exhibit galleries, renowned library, Roundhouse restoration facility and working turntable. Visit the Depot General Store with thousands of train gifts for every rail fan. Group rates and programs are available.

You'll find the Colorado Railroad Museum at 17155 W. 44th Avenue in Golden, Colorado. According to Google Maps, that comes in at 235 miles, and roughly three hours and forty-one minutes travel time from Grand Junction. I find it unlikely one could make the drive that quickly. Back in 1982, maybe. With today's traffic on I-70, five hours at best, and that's if you leave before sunup.

Looking at the video, this appears to be a real endeavor. I don't know about you, but I want to be the guy with the yellow cone. That's the job for me. Stand there and "stup-ervise." How much does that pay?

Just kidding. Coming from a railroad family, I find this fascinating. This really is something to see. Normally it's the train doing the hauling, not vice versa.

Welcome to your new home, locomotive. I hope you'll be happy there.

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