If you're getting ready to do yard work or clean out your shed you'd better read this WARNING!

The Mesa County Health Department just sent out a press release reminding residents that as the weather warms to take precautions against rodent-borne illnesses.

Hantavirus and plague are spread by:

  1. Inhaling airborne particles
  2. Or direct contact with
    1. rodents
    2. their droppings
    3. or nests

These are dangerous and deadly diseases, but if you following these tips you can avoid exposure.

Precautions to avoid these diseases:

  1. Open doors and windows for 30 to 60 minutes to provide adequate ventilation when cleaning buildings
  2. Plug holes to reduce mouse entryways
  3. Conduct rodent control
  4. Keep areas clean
  5. Avoid handling dead animals
  6. Keep pets out of rodent burrows
  7. Avoid feeding rodents

If you need further info contact the MCHD at 248-6969

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