Parents of students who attend Central High School in Grand Junction got word last week from the school that students would no longer be permitted inside the Neighborhood Walmart located across E 1/2 Road during school hours.

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While we can't tell you exactly what happened to cause the ban, the story seems to be that on a number of occasions, students disrupted the business when visiting the store during their lunch hour.

Walmart Bans Central High School Students During the School Day

On the Central High School Facebook page is an announcement that was already sent to parents about the student ban last week. The comments are wild, with lots of people asking questions about how this ban will be enforced, and many people just reacting to the news of more bad behavior.

See the comments for yourself below. We have blurred out the names so the comments can be read at face value regardless of who made them. Some are parents, some are students, and some are employees and former employees who worked at this Walmart location.

How will this ban be enforced? Can they ban students from just one school? The questions are many and the answers are few. See for yourself how the community is reacting below.

Colorado Big Box Store Bans Central High School Students During School Hours

Check out the reaction from parents and students in Grand Junction after Walmart and Central High School agree to ban students from the store on E 1/2 Road during school hours.

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