With plenty of sunny days left on the calendar, we got to talking about Colorado restaurants around the state that offer spectacular views along with great dining options.

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Tell Us About Your Favorite Restaurant With A View

Since I'm new to the Western Slope, I'm sure there are even more options that you can tell me about by using our free station app. It's easy to submit text, photos, and even audio so you can tell us all about your favorite place to dine that features amazing scenery without wearing out your thumbs. If you send in a suggestion, I'll be sure to add it to the gallery below.

11 Suggestions to Get You Started

In the photo gallery, we have 11 restaurants in Colorado that will not disappoint when it comes to dining with a view. We started with a couple of options right here in Grand Junction (there are many more), and then expand out to some destinations throughout Colorado that you may have yet to visit.

11 Colorado Restaurants With Amazing Scenic Views

Relax and enjoy the view offered by these Colorado restaurants that feature great meals and amazing scenery!

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