Warning: This video may disturbing to some viewers.

A woman was driving down a road in Pine, Colorado when she spotted a deer being attacked by a mountain lion. 

At first, it's hard to tell if the deer is still alive or not until you hear its bugles for help. The mountain lion is smaller than the deer, but naturally being a ferocious carnivore, its easy to assume that the mountain lion would win the fight. However, after the woman, Racyn Renee watched the carnage and shot the video for about 20 seconds, the mountain lion notices her and eventually lets the deer go.

I've lived in Colorado my entire life, have been in plenty of off-the-beaten-path wooded areas, and have seen plenty of wildlife but have never seen a mountain lion in the wild. However, lately, it seems that mountain lions are becoming less and less afraid of making appearances around humans. In fact, in the past few years, I feel like there have been more bear sightings than I ever remember in my 33 years in Colorado as well.

Now, you may be thinking, where is Pine, Colorado? I thought the same thing. Well, apparently Pine is an unincorporated community located in Jefferson County. It's definitely less populated than other parts of Jefferson County, which is also home to the cities of Golden and Lakewood, Colorado.

Although the video is shocking and the situation was no doubt dangerous, the videographer, Racyn Renee did the most important thing she could do: stay in her car. While the age-old adage states that "they're more afraid of you than you are of them," you never want to take a chance with a dangerous animal in the wild.

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