If it's true that scars are a sign of healing, that process is beginning in Glenwood Canyon.

For those that regularly travel the I-70 corridor, they are just happy the two-week closure of the interstate is over and no detours are required. However, those making the trek through the canyon in the coming days will see constant reminders of the devastation of the Grizzly Creek Fire.

Scott Miller, a reporter for the Vail Daily recently captured this video as he traveled via motorcycle through the canyon.

You will notice there is two-way traffic through the canyon and slower speed limits. Motorists need to use extra caution on this stretch and keep their eyes on the road as much as possible. I know it's tempting to let your gaze follow the path of the burn, but a momentary distraction could have dire consequences.

The western slope was greatly blessed when Interstate 70 was extended through Glenwood Canyon back in the early 90s. It's probably difficult for many to remember what it was like to drive through the canyon on a two-lane highway. And while the benefit of the 4-lane highway has been tremendous, it has not been without issues. Highway closures from rockslides, accidents, jackknifed semis, and fire have reminded us of how dependent we have become on that highway through the canyon and how easy it is to take it for granted.

Next time you drive through the canyon and you see the burn, take a few moments to reflect on how fortunate we are in western Colorado - in more ways than one.

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